Liste I: Questions to a friendly Canadian

  • Where do truckers stop and sleep when there are so few truck stops?
  • Have you gotten used to the mosquitos and/or what do you do to repel them? Do you really use DEET all the time?
  • Have you gotten a ticket for speeding in Ontario and how much was it? Asking because EVERYONE drives too fast, even though fines start at 95 CAD.
  • What is the „Minnow Trap“ that is advertised alongside highways?
  • Does every Canadian speak a little French?
  • What is a reasonable price for a motel room?
  • Why is Velcrotex (Klettband) so expensive?
  • Do you always calculate the tax in your head when shopping, or does it not matter because it’s on everything anyway?
  • Have the Walmart-stores always been somewhat crappy or is this a change that has happened over time?
  • When you register your vehicle, can you simply chose whether you want to put one or two license plates on your car?
  • When I ask where the restrooms are, do I identify myself as a foreigner, because all Canadians say „washrooms“?
  • Is it allowed to pass another vehicle in the right lane? —> Yes, it is, when there is more than one lane.
  • Is it allowed to turn left on a red light? Asking because it is generally allowed to turn right on a red light and we got honked at while waiting at a red light for turning left. —> No, the honking must have been for someone else. It is not allowed to turn left on a red light.
  • How do pronounce the name of the city „Regina“ and the name of the city „Moosomin“?

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